Well, here starts the transition. My life routine for the past 12 months is over tomorrow and I will be in tying-up-loose-ends mode. I have 2 weeks to get a laundry list of things prepared, fixed, changed, done, washed, packed, along w/ other things I'm sure. I don't think it has fully set in yet that I'm headed for... literally... the other side of the world. I really don't think I could be further away from my family without the use of a spacesuit. But still. I'll have my phone, my KATT banner for my room, and internet, so really....is there anyplace that cant feel normal? (hope those wood mites are awake....)
(written and actual post date Tuesday, January 4, 2011)
A month from now, exactly now, I’ll be over the pacific ocean en route the far ends of the earth. Having the latitude (north/south) of St. Louis, it will be slightly colder but from what I understand i will be somewhat close to the ocean. 

Bitter sweet, good and bad, there is no way it will fail to be the adventure of a life time. I love doing things that I can proudly put in my adventure list, and its been way to long since I’ve had an entry.