Well, I finally played for the first time since I hurt my ankle. It hurt but felt super good…all at the same time. It felt great to be back on the field. A month is about a month to long. Football and working on cars are the most therapeutic things I can do for myself.

The new “generation” of English teachers arrived this weekend. (It goes in 6-month intervals). There are about 6-10 I think, counting all 3 possible programs. They all seem really cool and I think we’re going to have a lot of fun together. My first week of class is now down in the books, too. Mixed opinions and reviews I suppose. It all went ok, everything considered.

I keep thinking of people and things that are making me anxious and impatient about coming back to the states. I keep telling myself to “be where you are” because I know it will just get worse if I dwell on things that are on the other side of the world. Also because I know that a lot of the feeling is just to go. Go somewhere. Sure, I want to go back to Okla, specifically, but I also know that I like my job here, and that I HAVE a job here. I need channel my thoughts into the present, because my teaching will begin to suffer (more haha) if I don’t. Being in the “counting the days” mindset makes a person distant and allows them to have no regard for their quality of work.

I’m also finding that despite my preconceived opinion, I DON’T like having to call plays on my life in 6-month intervals. I thought I knew that I didn’t like making long-term decisions or commitments, but I didn’t know the short-term stuff was just as stressful. Finding confirmation that I’m working toward a long-term career goal would help the process and make me surer of my decision-making. People are already asking me what I'm going to do in January, and where I'm going to do it. Koera, America, Gimcheon, Seoul, Daegu.....ugh. 

When I was 14 or 15 my friend and mentor told me I’d be more likely to acquire something if I put a picture of it on my wall or where I could easily see it every day. So I cut out the Fox Racing moto-x gear and pinned them to my wall. A short while later the clothes were out of the plastic and I was wearing them out of my room. (I think my parents disapproved of my purchase, but that is beyond the scope of this talk.) Then, a few days ago, a professional American football player I follow on Twitter, Ochocinco, discussed his “vision board”. Curious, I looked at the picture, and it was a collage of many different desired achievements. Some had to do with finance, others possessions, and even health and mental goals that were expected to be achieved. Feeling like I’d seen this before, I realized that circa 2000, my mentor also instilled in me the benefits and effectiveness of having an active goal list…except we organized a book. In said book, there were several different categories, much like the described vision board. In addition to the categories, they were subdivided into long-term and short-term goals, so that I could actively see my progress. It’s also interesting to note how quite often, my short-term goals were in conflict with my long-term goals. That self check and balance is still quite useful. Well…as if there was ever any doubt… I know I still need to be actively referencing my goals and making sure I’m making escalating moves. Anyway, words for thought. Ciao!