Over the past week or so I’ve been to 2 jimjilbang’s…2 noraebang’s… and slept at the Bang house. A Jimjibang is a Korean bathhouse, a noraebang is a place to sing karaoke, and the Banghouse was the name of the hostel I stayed at last weekend in Seoul.

The jimjibang is a  multilevel building consisting of a changing room, a large room with +/- 6 pools or hot tubs ranging in heat, about 10 saunas ranging from ice to 70 degrees Celcius, and sleeping quarters. They are open 24 hours, and you are free to come and go as you please….and let me tell ya, these things are sweet. Aside from the floor w/ the common room and saunas, everything is split between the guys and girls, and if you can disregard the fact that you’re walking around with about 50 other naked Korean guys, you can really have yourself a grand time. Oh, and it costs less than 10$.

The noraebang is cool too. It has several separate rooms and you and your group can just go in and have a room to yourself and sing ur little hearts out. 60$ gets you 2 hours and when you have 15 ppl…it’s a pretty cheap time. 

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