After recently promoting my two feet as my primary mode of transportation, I’m realizing how much of a luxury having a vehicle that can double as your carry-all really is. I’ve made it approximately 3 weeks using big red, my faithful and world traveling Burton backpack that my cousin gave me for x-mas, but I’m tired of using it for each daily adventure. A woman has the luxury of using a tote, and the occasional straight dude can pull the right one off at the right time for the right occasion. However, I get enough flak for my brightly colored boxer briefs, so I’ll pass on the tote.

The same goes for the satchel. While it varies slightly from the tote, it is still not the first bag one needs to purchase for their more fashionable anti backpack…backpack.

So really last option we’re left with is something that more resembles that of a messenger bag. I read through the Everyguyed Network sites quite often, so I decided to skim the pages of recently reviewed bags on their wallet/bag/case/luggage site called The Carry.  It looks like I’ve narrowed it down to 6.

In thinking about the style, I’d tell you that I want one made from canvas, probably grey or tan, or possibly tan leather. I now find it humorous at my selections because when I reopened the saved pages displaying each bag, it is very obvious I am drawn to brown leather. I’d like to get an opinion, the first assuming I can (and will probably) only get one style. And the 2nd being that I would actually invest in two. I think to really be dressed properly, be it up or casual, there will not be one universal bag. However, everyone must start somewhere, and I’m a firm believer that the first purchase of anything should be the most difficult, because it needs to be the perfect blend of functionality and form. So unfortunately I have to save the lime green/orange plaid satchel for a little later. 
3/26/2011 08:24:59 am

Ur getting a murse??

4/14/2011 09:57:56 pm

#3 or #4 would be my vote.

The Detective Prince
5/1/2011 09:35:21 pm

4 for sho'


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