We are all familiar with the hands free Bluetooth headset that the wall street businessman uses, as well as the valley girl from California and the mullet headed "jort" wearing redneck that uses it so he can smoke his "cigret". But something westerners take for granted is the hands free shower. You see, here in Korea we have the opportunity to use the hand held version which has a home on the wall that is usually around chest height.
I love my showers, especially the part where I can stand under the hot stream of water for long periods of time in the morning as I start my day. And unfortunately, its not the same when my stomach is the highest part of my body to enjoy said routine. So I took up the idea of rigging up a temporary shower holder for >6' people. After the $2 purchase of a 3-pack of hot glue hooks, and a 7 minute modification to my bathroom, I am now free to enjoy an overhead hands free shower.
3/30/2011 12:55:42 am

i would have to cut a hole in the roof or get a big tub!!haha

4/14/2011 10:00:24 pm

Very clever! A window and big mirror in a shower...?? Interesting.

8/17/2021 11:35:45 am

Great read tthank you


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