Remember the other day when you were watching tv and that commercial came on with the they guy in chinos and barefoot with his white linen shirt unbuttoned walking in the sand on the beach laughing at his golden retriever fetch the stick he just threw...or the guy and girl walking in Paris laughing as their leaning over the bridge as the street vendor tries to draw their caricature with the Eiffel tower in the back ground?....and then out of no where the narrator butts in on ur mini movie and says if erectile disfunction is a problem for you....or if high blood pressure hinders you.....I mean....I don't know think I have any health problems....but if thats what those patients get to do....sign me up. 

Thats kinda what I think of Korean English teacher lectures. Getting ready for lecture lately has involved gym shorts or painting pants. Not pens and notebook paper. Paper mache doll, tae kwon do, painting, improv, drama. These have been the classes we've taken during our first week of "lecture". Pretty sweet. But don't get me wrong...its not board games at summer camp all day every day, but even the informational speaking is amazing. They've put a lot of effort in to finding really good speakers. About half of what we've been doing is for us. Introducing us to and involving us in the Korean culture. Tips and suggestions for getting the most out of our free time, and showing us how different the 7 provinces of Korea are. They have everything from Disneyland to mud festivals, and can see the sun rise and set on the beach over the water in the same day. 

We've been learning about time management, how to keep the kids occupied, how to incorporate team and group speaking, games, and quiet written exercises all into the same activity....and its awesome because everything has the ability to be adjusted to different situations. We're the only teachers in the country that have no rigid curriculum. Our class time is ours. Mine. And I can make it as energetic and fun or as boring as I want. A lot of responsibility, but a lot of fun. 

Tomorrow: Medical check up and Seoul bound. First time (i think) to ever ride on a passenger car train. I dont t

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