To or from.... Here or there.... Does it matter what you're doing? Does anybody care?

While trying to corral my thoughts into sentences about how other people/peers see travelers, I keep getting distracted. There's no doubt traveling, and even the anticipation/reminiscing of trips adjusts your thinking and perspective, but I'm realizing that it also has the ability to change and increase the creative/intellectual part of your brain.

Before traveling abroad I didn't read and wouldn't write. Why would I? "I'm busy. I do stuff." But soon after departing the 50 nifty, I stumbled into this whole new world of words. I realized that smart people write, and they read what other smart people write....and aspiring smart people read the aforementioned. Even though that seems simple enough.... I was amazed with my findings. (Now, I'm not implying that I'm smart because I'm writing. Smart people document and inform. I am....umm this is, an opinion. Editorial maybe...) Point being, I changed. And I was hooked. The books I picked to read were mentally exercising, on top of being enjoyable. And just like physical exercise, you're more apt to excel if you find your self-motivating niche.

Traveling outside your comfort zone, and more importantly outside of comfort... makes you do more than just gaze.  Maybe it's because your location is new and intriguing, or you need landmarks for directions, or because being in a foreign land heightens your self security receptors....but in the end, you require yourself to visually investigate and analyze what is going on around you. When this happens, the thoughts you produce are planted in your mental farmland that would otherwise lie dormant or be filled with the daily routine of "getting through the day so it can all start over." What you're doing is cultivating fresh produce for your mind. It's like laying off the cheeseburgers and deep fried snickers for a while and having some steamed vegetables and tofu. Your body needs that.

So get out, go do something you've not done before, or or go somewhere new. Different. Make it picture worthy and necessary of documentation. You'll love it and people will love your story.

10/24/2012 08:04:08 am

Good job


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