Disclaimer: I have no idea why I can not rotate my pictures. Sorry. 

Well this weekend was pretty sweet. Seemed like everything went my way. Friday night started out with a good badminton session and then I got to hang out w/ all the local English teachers in my town, (there’s about 18 of them I think) but we don’t see each other much b/c we’ve all got other friends across Korea that we seem to go and see.  Yes I am playing against a 3rd grade girl in the badminton pictures. And yes she beats adults. Saturday I didn’t have football because my team went to a tournament in another city and because of my eligibility (foreigner) issue I'm not allowed to play. So I finally found time to go to the roof and get a suntan.

Saturday afternoon, I got a call from one of the other Korean football players that didn’t go to the game, saying he’d come pick me up and we’d go to an auto show. Both Vipers in attendance donned twin turbos, with the Hennessey having the exhaust exit out the back. I thought that was a nice touch. Unfortunately Dodge forgot that deceleration is just as important as the inverse, and failed to be a braking contender at the show. Not only were they small, they didn’t even bother to cross drill them. Disappointing. The Italian livestock made a very fine showing, as did German trio. The Nissan and Toyota were both right hand drive, which made them extra cool.

For some reason I was all about the brake inspection at this show, and the centerpiece of the show, the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG took the cake. The 183,000 USD car has 15.8” ceramic front rotors. These things would stop a Peterbilt.  MB had the SLR McLaren there as well, and I loved staring at the floor shifter that had the start button under the flip up cover. Yum.  There was also a CLS 550 there, which I still think has one of the best, most fluid, speed inspiring body lines I’ve ever seen. It leaves me speechless. Before we left the city that the show was in we went to visit one of my friends friends, where he had a scrumptious snack platter awaiting us. I was feeling pretty high up haha. On the way back from the show, my friend got a call saying the team lost and they were on their way back. The friend I was with had dinner plans but another teammate would be by to pick me up so I could go eat with everybody. 

I had a good game today, Sunday, sinking 2 more goals and 2 more (one being a HEADER from a corner kick) hitting the crossbar. My accuracy is improving. We went to eat lunch today after soccer and then I came home. A bit later, I got a call from one of the guys so I came downstairs where I was rewarded with some new football warm-up clothes. Apparently because of a job well done at the game. They just went to the store and bought me clothes haha. Korea is awesome. 

Cathy Minor
6/22/2011 10:03:54 am

Rodney and I love reading your blog. So glad you're enjoying yourself and seeing the country. We really do miss you though! R. leaves for Tanzania this Friday. Please pray for them.
Hey, has anyone told you look like Adam Levine of Maroon 5? We've been seeing him of a show called the Voice and talk about you every time! Take care. Our love to you.

6/23/2011 12:15:12 am

It's no wonder you are getting beaten, you aren't using your feet!!


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