An hour ago I decided that I should sit down and write because the day has consisted of hours of meaningful conversation with a friend whom I have not seen in many months. Its been a slow moving day, and that has caused my brain to be relaxed and calm. Its often difficult to slow your mind down and sit still if you’ve been thinking about 5 things at once and going 90 to nothing for hours on end. So after cleaning my desk and setting up a lamp that had made the journey to Oklahoma with me from Korea, I found myself sitting very still, quietly and relaxed at my desk, with my entire house completely silent, unintentionally attempting to mimic every breath more successfully and more accurately than the previous. I was staring directly at the wall in front of me, and could hear every miniscule nuance of my breath. I can only guess that if I had been counting at the same time as doing this, I might have very well hypnotized myself….or at the very least, allowed myself to fall into a deep meditative state. When I came to, I decided to open my laptop and digitally document my current conversation with myself.

Despite not being employed yet, I’ve made little time to sit and think since being back stateside. I’ve not opened one book, nor have I written anything. It’s a little disappointing that the geographical location of a person has such an impact on the importance one gives sentences. Being abroad, I felt my writings had purpose, and that I had a duty to my current self, my future self, and to others to document my day-to-day happenings, even if they weren’t day-to-day.  It’s unfortunate, however true it may be, that we feel we have to be “doing” something (ie: traveling abroad) to warrant documentation. I think that to people who admire you, and genuinely feel connected and want to know about you….to them most anything you say can and will be intriguing.

I know that last week, I was looking for socks at my parents house, and found 3 of my dad’s old leather self-tooled belts from years ago. And while he didn’t write about how he made them, or give detailed feelings about that time in his life, standing in his room looking at vintage art that he had independently and masterfully constructed allowed me to peer into a time of my dads life that would have otherwise been unknown. Now sure, I’ve seen his leather work before, and have even seen him in action. I’ve probably even seen these belts before, I don’t know. I have a great relationship w/ my dad, and I know his history…..but if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then physically grasping a one-off personal artistic account of a specific time in a persons life has got to be worth ten fold. And unintentionally…he documented and preserved historical personal facts that gave me the opportunity to see him unscripted, raw, and genuine. And that’s not to say that if you can’t make something or draw something then there’s no reason to document…its that people are intrigued by people. Just look at media and celebrities. And its even more intriguing if you and the other person have a personal or emotional connection to each other. The things that you do and the things that allow someone else to peer into your brain and see the physical manifestation of your thoughts and personality… be it 5 hours, days, or even years later…will be appreciated and forever cherished by someone.

So I guess that was the long way of saying you should keep giving accounts. We all should. Be it with words, pictures, or tangible objects, of how you spend your time. And I think I can even go as far as to say that if you don’t have something worth showing, then you are not successfully utilizing the time God has given you. I didn’t make a new years resolution, but I do think I’ve found my goal for this year. “Live your life so that you CAN’T say, ‘Same ‘thing different day.’” 

2/20/2012 08:24:13 am

You will never know how many lives you have touched and molded.

2/20/2012 09:20:50 am

You surely have a way with words. Enjoyed reading thoughts.

9/13/2012 05:41:51 am

Just dropped by to say hello, so, hello mate!


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