…It was the worst of times; it was the best of times. It was 2 days ago, Friday the 5th. It had been 2 weeks of ridiculous busy-ness and it was finally over. I had completed my 2 weeks of English camp, and was starting my summer vaca. I had been so busy that my schedule and to do list were all sorts of discombobulated. I needed to do one 3 hour TESOL assignment per night to finish on time, and half of my friends were trying to say their goodbyes because their 6 month contract was up. (I cant BELIEVE that was supposed to be me.)

I started playing mini-soccer (5 aside) and it’s been a blast. Its outside and there and you can kick the ball out, unlike in American indoor, but there are no throw-ins. Just kicks, like in the states. Last week I had 4 goals. Yup :) This week I got a sprained ankle that crippled me. I’m now the owner of 1 kankle. I slept ok Friday night but my idea of getting out of bed was short lived after I tried to put my foot on the ground. As a result of my foot, I also had my first experience with the traditional oriental clinic where I received electric/shock treatment and acupuncture. I’ve got mixed feelings about the latter. I can’t say I was an instant fan. If I’m honest though, it might have helped just a bit. 

Today (Sunday) I can limp-walk but a turtle could give me a good race. I’m on vaca now but not doing much and I still have to do one TESOL assignment per day. I leave for Thailand on Wednesday and start my class the following Monday (15th). 

Thailand is one of a handful of places here in the east that is a tropical paradise. I'm pretty stoked to go and going on a trip solo will give me some “me” time. Unfortunately for this trip, most of my time will be spent in a classroom. Despite it not being all fun in the sun, this is a good program and having the TESOL certification will open up many more teaching opportunities for me. Speaking of…I’m already feeling the pressure of the “what now” talks that are looming in my not-so-distant future. I feel pretty strongly that Korea and I are not done with each other, that much is certain. But in what capacity... that is the question. Job, city, pay, and start date are all things I have to decide on and without having an established pecking order I don’t know which one to decide on first. I’m finally feeling a few small American withdraws, so I know I’ll be back in February, I just don’t know if it will be for 2 weeks or 2 months. Where is my magic 8 ball?

[Update] before I could even get this typed up, the Thailand drama aired another episode. My teacher/tutor has been on vacation so communicating with the program exec’s has been slightly difficult. Needing to discuss my arrival I ended up talking with one of the directors, and he was very confused about why I was coming to Thailand to take my course in august. I told him that I was coming in august because that is the only time I was able to do it. Then he politely asked me if I could show him on the website where they offered a course in the month of august. To my dismay, there was no such course. So after a few hours of stress and panicking, we figured out that 2 months ago there was a course offered in august, but they had removed it. See? I’m not crazy. So to make the long story longer, they’re letting me show up in the middle of their 4-week course and complete my hours, but I start 2 days early, and finish 3 days early. My plane lands at 1 a.m. I have a 2-hour car ride to my coastal city. And I start my class at 9 a.m. I guess sleeping will not be part of this week’s schedule. 

(I'm aware that the title and the opening line are not meant to go together...but thats ok. Neither do bow-ties and jean shorts...and I rock that.)

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