Well lately, despite feeling incredibly busy, I’ve been delaying an entry because I haven’t felt any inspiration to write. This past weekend was a holiday weekend, Monday being Korean Memorial Day. So on Saturday I went to the southern costal city of Busan. Its typically regarded as the tropical hangout for Koreans and it showed. The beach was as crowded as a subway car. There was also a sandcastle festival that was being held on the beach complete with an aerial acrobatic show put on by fighter jets. Both ended up being pretty cool. I came home Saturday night so I could play soccer Sunday morning, and my decision proved to be a good one because I was able to sink 2 more goals for my team.

My school gives me $100 (equivalent) to be used on a Korean “cultural” experience, which is really inappropriately named, given your trip really doesn’t require you to do anything Korean. Or cultural. I’ve decided to use mine to fund a trip to the Busan Aquarium, where I’ll receive SCUBA training and then be given time to swim in their huge salt water sting ray/shark/giant grouper fish tank. There’s no cage or anything. Just a wetsuit and a tank. Apparently they feed the sharks first, and then I don’t look as appetizing.

For my summer vaca, I think I will be going to Vietnam for a few days, then take a bus to Cambodia for a few more days, and then catching a plane back to KR. The trip should be around 10 days, so I’m looking forward to the break.

At church Sunday I found out one of the guys is an eagle scout and runs the BSA troop for all the military brats in Daegu. I told him that I’m an Eagle Scout as well and volunteered to help if/when he needed it. He seemed excited. His wife is Pilipino and after mentioning that they were taking a vaca to see her family, I asked him for some travel tips. I told him about my upcoming aquarium experience and he said I needed to go to the Philippines’ and dive there. So sometime around Christmas, I’ll be escaping the frigid Korean temperatures, and heading back down to the tropics for some R&R. Apparently the Philippine islands are home to some of the most diverse and prettiest underwater experiences in the world.

Today, (Monday) I made my maiden voyage to Costco, leaving with mixed feelings. Costs incurred to make this trip included $10 in train fees, $10 in cab fees, and a $30 membership. I don’t know if my protein powder and cheddar cheese were worth it. Apparently Korean Costco delivers if you meet a price requirement,  so that will save on costs in the future. If we had one in OK I’d have less buyers remorse. But on the bright side, I have cheese now! And real salsa!

6/11/2011 10:37:36 am

Wow, I really can't believe you are in Korea. The new pics make it hard to deny tho.


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