So I was riding on the bus to school today and a simply stating…I guess I was counting my blessings. To my M,W,F school I can take the any bus on the hour, every hour up until noon. I couldn’t get dressed in time to take the 10 o’clock, which is what I prefer…so I opted for the 11:00. I needed to break a big bill so I could pay my bus fare so I stopped and bought an overpriced (but tasty) caramel macchiato. Today is the third day in a row that I we’ve received AWESOME spring like weather. Clear skies, mild wind, and temperatures in the mid 70’s. Beautiful weather I tell ya. I really can’t wait until I’m able to run every day and workout outside. Which naturally brings me to my first reason of awesomeness. I have a finished rooftop in the building I live in that I am free to use. Whats more is I'm able to leech wi-fi from atop my building. So between my yoga mat, push up bars, reclining lawn chair and laptop…. I cannot WAIT for the evenings temp to bearable.

So I make it to my bus and to my surprise, the 11:00 bus is cheaper. Why? That I do not know. But I am happy. Very happy, and I believe this will be my bus of choice from now on.

To recap: I’ve got a beautiful morning, tasty drink, cheap bus, and a window seat with a sliding window to hang my arm out of just like I was driving.  This is going to be a good day I thought. I was going over some financial figures in my head, and thinking about how I’m going to be able to save about a grand each month that I’m here. I will have my new heating unit paid off for my house by the time I return to the states and realized there are several people who made this traveling/teaching experience possible for me.

To my parents: Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Despite the fact that you were naturally and obviously concerned for me and my safety and well being, you never once said a negative word or even showed a disapproving expression about my desire to come to the other side of the world. You just smiled and said be safe and have fun. And you’ve always done that. I can’t remember one time that you voiced a negative thought about one of my hair brained adventures. You went out of your way to tote my trucks back to Elk, and did a selfless job of overseeing the installation of the new heating unit. You made sure it was paid for and that I didn’t get ripped off. You took care of my taxes and insurance, and have volunteered to send me anything I need.

To Kyle, A.I., and Cole: The same goes for you. Thank you. While you might not think you had anything to do with this decision or I that I didn’t care what you thought…It’s just not true. All of you guys were supportive and had no problem with basically accepting all responsibility for the house. I left the kitchen a mess with the cabinets ripped apart, and said peace to a broken heater. In January. A week before Oklahoma got the lowest recorded temperature in the states history. My bad. But more than that…if you guys didn’t tolerate my eccentric personality and annoying requests, I wouldn’t have been free to leave my responsibilities at the house. So really, if you guys weren’t cool with it, I couldn’t have left. I just really appreciate your open mindedness and relaxed attitude about everything. I seriously couldn’t find better roommates. Thank you.

4/1/2011 05:36:48 am

indebtedness (usually uncountable; plural indebtednesses)

1. State of owing money; being in debt.
2. (by extension, figuratively) The state of owing something due to gratitude.
3. The amount owed.
4. All debts totalled.

One can never have too many friends, unless there is a windfall gain involved!


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