Well, getting here wasn't all it was cracked up to be, thats for sure. Realizing I'd be spending my first overseas flight on a double decker, i thought there'd be at least a souvenir shop aboard, if not a lounge and theater.....but what I got was a coach seat much like the one in my cousin Brian's Cesna. We sat down and decided I'd find the plug in for my laptop. It was missing, along with the on board mall. After the plane ride, we rode on a tour bus for about 90 minutes to the satellite campus of Korea University in Jochiwon. we got our welcome packets and called it a night. 

Monday was decently laid back. we went for a walk around our fair city, Jochiwon (JOE‐she‐won) finding our way into the mechanic district, through what appeared to be the cell phone district, and ending up somewhat lost. we found a Converse store and got directions to a "supermarket" where we walked in looking for a hair dryer and while we were looking around, an employee walked up to us and presented us with said object. A hair dryer! The ONLY thing I can think of is that the Converse store guy called the supermarket and told them we were coming. But I just cant believe he'd do that. I dont know how he knew. 

We found our way back to the campus in time for the hike that started at 2 pm. The sign up sheet said 1 mile scenic route that over looked the city. We thought, sure, why not. After passing the sign that said 4.2 km...I was finally convinced the sign was wrong. It was a 5k hike....with hills...steep hills....through the country side...with snow on the ground. But still fun. On the way back, we took the road where I saw a VERY fine specimen for my next car build. Slightly different from my past projects, but I'm up for it (see hinged‐tractor‐flatbed‐cart‐looking thing in the pictures above...)

Tuesday brought more normal‐ness. Because of the extreme time difference, I was up pretty early. My dad and grand dad would be impressed. I was up and at the gym by 6:20, then breakfast and on the bus ready for sight seeing by 8:45. We got to have an authentic Chinese dish in Chinatown of Inchon, see a film and museum documenting the Korean War, and visit an "in progress" city that will be quite amazing if it's pulled off. And I'm sure it will be. What they've done so far is quite amazing. They started in 2003 and the proposed deadline is 2020. These people are building bridges, and erecting CITIES here. Cities. and they will be done in 9 years. I think it was 2 weeks ago I read in the Edmond Sun that the next step had been approved in getting the Oklahoma City Express Train/Light rail/mass transit tracks laid that will supposedly go from Edmond to downtown and to Moore. The expected completion date of this project is 2030. While the Koreans are building entire cities, we're still trying to figure out how to put gravel and wood planks down. But I digress. 

It was a very eventful day, and I enjoyed learning a bit more about the Korean war. Did you know that the Soviets were the encouragement for North Korea to invade the south? I had no idea. I thought it was all the Chinese. Stalin encouraged N. Korea to invade the U.S. backed S. Korea. it was like little brother vs. little brother. 

Tomorrow is the actual first day of Orientation, with a trip to Seoul to be formally welcomed by the Korean government on TV. Woo hoo!
sarah deneui
2/8/2011 06:00:23 pm

Loved reading your blog! You're a very entertaining writer!


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