The concept of light is based on total darkness and without it there would be no light. If we didn't have to tolerate and drudge through the bad, we wouldn't know how to, or even realize that we were, enjoying the good.

My TESOL class is as organized and predictable as a rodeo bull. optimist would say is perfect because that's how teaching really is. However, that is not why I paid $1800. My class time has gone from two 5 day weeks to two 3 day weeks plus the next Monday to now removing the last Monday. I've been given a fraction of the training but still required to teach and be judged as if I had all the training.

That being said....

The people I'm taking the course with are "quite proper". In England that means awesome/top notch. But seriously...I've already made some way cool friends and have even found a lil time to have fun. We rented scooters Saturday and put well over 100 miles on them. We rode for miles and miles along the beach road, swam all afternoon and once it got dark we headed back the other way to the big city next door and had a SMORGASBORD of American food waiting on us. (We went to an American place called The Sizzler). We cruised back in the dark; and honestly, there couldn't have been a more relaxing, energy recharging way to spend the day. With music in my ears, wind in my face, road at my feet and sun on my was just awesome.

Two days ago we found some unique street food that consisted of deep-fried grasshoppers, silk worms, and baby frogs. I chose the frog.

Because they cancelled my last teaching class on Monday, I now have a full week of free time before my flight back to SoKo. I think me and a few friends from class have decided to pay a bus to take us across the border to Cambodia on Saturday. The other people in the class have been hired by Disney and need a visa extension for Thailand so a border run is needed regardless. So I suggested we make a trip out of it.

Cambodia, as you might recall, is most notably known as Brangelina's personal adoptive agency....kidding....

But seriously, it is a very low income, non-westernized, underdeveloped 3rd world country. Circa 1980 they had just gone through a horrible government backed genocide from the then military dictatorship. I've been told that despite their historical problems, and having a very low standard of living, the people are still some of the most polite and happy in south Asia.

2 more days!! (AND another stamp in the book)

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