um....ya. Laundry service? Best thing since sliced bread. It was done by noon on the same day and it cost me $3. It was going to be $2 for me to do it by myself. AND it even smells nice. When was the last time you had your socks pressed for you after they were cleaned? I don't think Oprah is re-tweeting and reading my posts probably never. 
2/11/2011 02:39:58 pm

I know! Foreign laundry service is the BEST! And they never lose your socks!

2/11/2011 10:57:06 pm

OH NO!!! Folded and pressed socks.... you'll NEVER come back now!

10/11/2013 12:10:42 pm

Found your site from another blog and wanted to see where I could find more info


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