twas the night before leaving and i was frantically trying to get all my things in order and refrain from crying. not really. i took care of that thursday night. hopefully i will stay normal while getting on the plane. we leave at 10:50 am from dallas and the flight is direct into Seoul, South Korea with a duration of 13 hours. there is a 15 hour time difference FORWARD, so i will land in seoul at 4:50 pm seoul time, which would be 1:50 am oklahoma time on sunday morning. My skype is up and running and my user name is litemupok so adding that name should be the ticket. i really expect i'll need to talk to people a lot not to go crazy. 
A lil excited and a lil bummed, i guess i dont really know what to expect still. i'm trying to keep my expectations empty, so that im available for an entirely new experience. my latest freak out dealt with not being able to text anyone. i opted to bring my phone, but im totally convinced that it will be many many weeks before  i stop picking it up to check texts and to send them. right now i feel that thats going to be the biggest shock to me. 

today i also thought about how to discern the difference between coping with stress (anger/frustration/annoyances/problems) and suppressing it.  by not saying anything and just smiling and nodding and thinking that "theres nothing i can do to change this, and being vocal loud and verbal will not lead to a solution" often i will just do nothing...say nothing. is that an appropriate way to manage or is it just suppression. Because one is great and one is not. does everyone need an outlet? or can is it possible to just let it die inside much like letting a coke bottle relax after its been shaken up. 
2/5/2011 12:57:04 am

Von, I am so excited for you to be going away to Korea!!! Not that you are leaving, but that you are finally getting to go to another country and experience a new culture. You will absolutely love it. I am kinda diggin the thought of flying over to see you! Maybe me and Grant could even come over! I hope everything goes as planned when you get there and no unexpected surprises. We can't wait to hear from you back home. Love ya. Corbin =)

2/5/2011 01:20:01 am

welcome to just a peice of what i do good luck bro i know youl do great

2/5/2011 01:22:52 am

just let me know if you need anything and i can make a few calls for you i know people all over the world

2/5/2011 01:34:00 am

Hey!Cant wait to talk to you again!Enjoy yourself and have fun with all your students.Guess you will have to study some yourself first. Love YOU!

Kyle Taylor
2/5/2011 02:37:31 am

Hey Von! I look forward to tracking your blog/journal. Send me information, as often as you can, on how I can be praying for you. Love you, Kyle Taylor

2/5/2011 03:05:41 am

It helps to take the lid off and let the eruption happen, but if you don't, the fizz does eventually die down. Hope you have great experiences and enjoy every minute of being out of this country. I feel that you will have a new appreciation for the US. Will miss you and hope to Skype or iChat soon. Love you! V

2/7/2011 09:52:28 am

just wanted to say hey and ur crazy ! hope ur flight went well and ur fiz didn't blow up on u on the plane. luv ya MA

2/10/2011 07:28:06 am

Hi sure was great to skype with you. Hope we can do that again some time. Know you are going to be a great teacher. Love and prayers


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