I remember my mom telling me one time that it takes 10 good things to cancel out one bad thing. It is unfortunate that the same rule can not apply to people. Specifically Americans. At any given time, we tend to have approximately half a million military personnel stationed overseas. Plus private company personnel, students, and vacationers. And while I believe American citizens, compared with any other country,  are the least likely to travel outside of their own country, we have a huge impact on the the worlds perception because of our military influence. 

Yesterday I went to Daegu to see some fellow teachers. While waiting on my delicious, savory and perfectly prepared snack wrap from McDonnalds, A quite large and demanding soldier also desired a meal. He was apparently famished, because he disregarded the existing line of 13 people (some also soldiers) waiting to also place their order. Instead of properly scouting out what value meal or 3 he wanted, he attempted to order by simply barging to the front counter and shouting "you ready to take my order yet fool! You ready!? You gonna tell me yes or what! You ready for my order! I gotta get back on base!" By this time, half the guests sitting down have shot out the door, while a few other people braved the order line. And as we all know, if someone doesn't understand your language initially, its not b/c they don't speak it, its b/c you aren't talking loud enough. So he then proceeds to shout louder, while also offering some physical assistance in the form of literally punching the ordering computer. The McDonnalds order taker already has his hands on the monitor, but he has to brace it and himself when the lovely gentlemen delivers the right jab. This McDonnalds dude, at best...knows the menu and how to understand the items in english. Think, when was the last time you were able to order something off an asian menu reading the traditional block characters? This guy is already doing more than he should have to. He has to catch the computer the next 2 times its hit...and by now I cant remember if I'm waiting on my food somewhere or I actually enrolled in that boxing and sparing class I've been looking at. 

Now, I'm not a confrontational person...quite the opposite actually. I really don't even get mad. But what I found myself thinking about next was pretty concerning. All these fragmented thoughts were blazing through my mind, along with scenes from Fight Club, X-men, Iron Man and even David and Goliath. Because seriously, there is no way I could ever actually take down someone like this guy....6,4" probably 250 lbs, ANGRY....but I felt myself thinking, if only I had one of those strangling apparatuses or syringe like Dexter uses so gracefully....I think this would be over really quick.

About this time, my snack wrap is finally ready....did you know they put bacon on them here? The US needs to step it up. It was twice as expensive though. Oh well...that goes with my 6$ gallon of milk too I guess. Anyway....

I decided to mingle outside while savoring the small attempt at Americanism and to simply complain to them. But my problem is...I'm exhausted from hearing how rude and inconsiderate Americans are. Its actually pathetic. Americans yell at people in their own country for not speaking english. And we wonder why the world can't stand us and really doesn't care about giving us much support. Complaining about this very topic to another friend today, he informed me that in Seoul this weekend he actually saw a sign on the outside of a building that said, "Because of past issues, we no longer serve military personnel." And I know very few people in the military are like this, and I also know many non military Americans ARE like this, and even non Americans. But I have yet to hear about how crappy the French are, or Italians, Australians, British or Brasilians...when it comes to travel. 
Ryan Gournic
3/13/2011 03:27:44 pm

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